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Physician's Visits

Assuring a Quality Treatment Plan....

Nurse Concierge goes to every physician visit with you. I am the eyes and ears in the room, collecting the data, asking pertinent questions and making sure your concerns are addressed. I then assess you on a regular basis in your home to make sure the treatment plans are effective. I offer a multitude of other services to assure the best health possible for my patients.

Average Doctor's Appointment Time According to

New Average time of physician appointment, according to, is 7 minutes!!!!! Please take a friend, a family member, or an advocate such as Nurse Concierge with you if you feel like you are unable to orchestrate that short appointment to get the information you need.
5 ways to maximize your doctor's visit
How did your last doctor's appointment go? If you're like most patients, your answer might be "too quickly.

How long is the average doctor's appointment?

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