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10 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Michigan...
First Case of Ebola in The U.S.
New Federal Constraints for Hydrocodone
Measles outbreak in Ohio...
Funny but Powerful Point....


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First Case of Ebola in The U.S.

First case of Ebola in the United States.  Patient hospitalized in Texas.

Measles outbreak in Ohio...

cases of measles have doubled in the past 10 days.  Adults over 21, make sure your measles titer is high enough to provide immunity.  A booster may be needed.

MERS virus update regarding Illinois man...

An Illinois man has contracted the virus from the Indiana man who had been traveling back to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia.  The Illinois man, while testing positive for MERS, is still asymptomatic and doing well.   I will continue to post as information comes in on MERS,  I intend to give people accurate information regarding this new virus, so panic and false information can be discarded.

Belly Button Melanoma...

Belly Button Check: be sure to check your belly button, a place where melanoma can grow undetected. Any white flaking, discoloration or drainage should be assessed by your dermatologist. This dermatologist found melanoma growing in her own belly button.  Make sure to include the belly button area when applying sunscreen.

Beware of Bees

Tis the season for BEE STINGS. Take the sting out immediately by using a cotton ball dipped in ammonia. Just dab the bee sting site and feel immediate relief. IF ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS, SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. 

Toxic Weed Invades Mic higan: BEWARE....

Please check your yard for this toxic week as shown on Channel 4 News this past week.

Got Milk....Make that Almond Milk....

Got Milk??...Ummmm...Make That Almond Milk.

The new healthy alternative to cow's milk is Almond Milk. So what's the big deal anyway?
Almond Milk has all the benefits of cow's milk but with more nutritional advantages and purity, less cholesterol, no saturated fat, no animal products or by products and no hormones.
Almond Milk is the choice of cardiac patients because it has been shown to decrease heart disease and lower cholesterol. With no saturated fat and only 70 calories compared to the 122 calories in 2% Cow's milk, it's a no brainer.

What Dog Lovers Have Known For Years Is Finally Confirmed....

The American Heart Association confirms that dogs can increase the quality of life and improve our health. (Taken from an OVRS email) this past year, theAmerican Heart Association reported scientific evidenceto support the notion that pets actually have the ability to improve our heart health.
And while there’s no denying that there are times our pets drive us a little crazy, and can cause us heart ache, most pet owners were not surprised by this “discovery”.
But for all the feel-good reasons there are when it comes to why pets are good for you, do you actually know the reasons that pets can help to keep us healthy?

Polio Like Virus in California....

Officials investigating causes...

Are you taking Vitamin C to protect your immune system?

Many of us are worried about getting enough Vitamin C to keep our immunities in check. However, Vitamin B Complex is just as important to healthy cell growth and development. Those healthy cells go to battle every day to protect us against outside intruders that damage our cells.

Vitamin B1: It helps fuel the body’s energy, converting blood sugar to energy. B1 can be found in wheat germ, oysters and brewer’s yeast.
Vitamin B2: B2 helps with the health of the digestive tract (which ‘decides’ which nutrients to absorb and which to dispose of) and nervous system as well as promoting vibrant hair and nails.
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