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You said WHAT???

How many times is it appropriate to ask "what" during a normal conversation?  32.5 Million Americans have hearing loss.  Rule of Thumb:  if you have to raise your voice o be heard by a person within arm's reach, you are in an environment that is bad for your hearing.  Our days are filled with MP3 players, lawn mowers, hairdryers, noisy gyms, loud movies, many noises that can be damaging to our hearing.  A normal conversation is 50-70 dB, a hairdryer is 77-92 dB, a lawn mower is 85-90 dB, a movie or sporting event is 89,100 dB, headphones for your MP3 player around 112 dB, a rock concert 110-120 dB.  An informal way to test for temporary hearing loss is to put your car stereo in its lowest audible setting before you enter a noisy place.  If you can't hear it when you return, you might have temporary noise induced hearing loss.  To assist in protecting your hearing, gauge your exposure time and limit exposure to sounds over 85 dB to 15 minutes.  Use earplugs when in a noisy environment or using noisy equipment, turn down your music or television whenever possible, wear headphones rather than earbuds.  If you suspect hearing loss or notice sudden changes, see an ENT (otolaryngologist) or otologist.

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