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Beware of Bees

Tis the season for BEE STINGS. Take the sting out immediately by using a cotton ball dipped in ammonia. Just dab the bee sting site and feel immediate relief. IF ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS, SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. 

Toxic Weed Invades Mic higan: BEWARE....

Please check your yard for this toxic week as shown on Channel 4 News this past week.

Care Giver Resources at Plymouth Library Tonight...

Come on out to the Plymouth Library from 6-8pm tonight and have access to some great resources for Care Givers and Seniors.

CDC With New Report On Hospital Gained Infections...

CDC with new report 1:25 patients acquires an infection during hospital stay, 1:9 die due to these infections.
Nurse Concierge coordinates your care, communicates between your physicians, is at every physician visit, tracks lab results and testing then graphs and records them.  By doing this, Nurse Concierge is able to detect any subtle changes before a situation occurs that requires an ER visit or Hospital stay.  Thereby, evading not only the cost of the ER and Hospital visit but also decreasing your exposure to secondary infections gained in hospital.  The ultimate result is better health, better quality of life and saved revenue.


Come on out to the Plymouth Library this next Monday March 31st 6-8pm for refreshments, available resources, presenters, and wonderful music.  See Details.

Insurance Enrollment Deadline Delayed...

For anybody panicking to make the insurance enrollment deadline, it has been pushed to mid April.

Got Milk....Make that Almond Milk....

Got Milk??...Ummmm...Make That Almond Milk.

The new healthy alternative to cow's milk is Almond Milk. So what's the big deal anyway?
Almond Milk has all the benefits of cow's milk but with more nutritional advantages and purity, less cholesterol, no saturated fat, no animal products or by products and no hormones.
Almond Milk is the choice of cardiac patients because it has been shown to decrease heart disease and lower cholesterol. With no saturated fat and only 70 calories compared to the 122 calories in 2% Cow's milk, it's a no brainer.

4th Leading Cause of Death in the United States...

Medical Errors are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States.  That's more death per year due to Medical Error than:
                                     Breast Cancer
                                     Car Accidents

Senior Resource Presentation at the Plymouth Library March 31st

There will be a mini-Care Giver Expo at the Plymouth Library on Monday March 31st 6p-8p.  Stop in for refreshments, entertainment, presentations and information about Resources Available For Seniors or for those Caring for Seniors.  Carol Bargero RN BSN of Nurse Concierge will be one of the presenters.  

Medication Errors injure 1.5 Million people annually...

Medication Errors injure 1.5 people annual. National Academies Aug. 31, 2013.

 It is difficult for working children to attend all the physician visits with parents, especially those last minute acute appointments. Trying to reach a physician to figure out exactly what was said at that appointment and what treatment plan changes have been made can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. Obtaining detailed information from parents who may be overwhelmed with the changes in their care may also prove difficult. Add to this the seemingly unending string of prescription add-ons and dosage changes; well, it can be a recipe for an easy medication mistake. Hospitalizations can happen very quickly with sudden illness or exacerbation of illness and just as quickly as treatment begins, discharge happens. Every doctor seeing that patient has probably adjusted medications, added medications and facilitated new treatment plans. How can a working child keep up and guarantee there are no mistakes made? How can a child rest assured their beloved parent is given quality care and the best treatment plan with no confusion? Nurse Concierge will provide quality of care at physician appointments or with hospital stays. There will be continued quality communication back to you as information is gathered and concise communication between treating physicians is facilitated. Streamlined, quality communication and care for my patients along with continued frequent assessments assures a higher level of care. A higher quality of care safeguards against medication and treatment errors that can prove fatal. Contact me today for an assessment and we can chat about how I can protect and advocate for your loved one.
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