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10 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Michigan...
First Case of Ebola in The U.S.
New Federal Constraints for Hydrocodone
Measles outbreak in Ohio...
Funny but Powerful Point....


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10 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Michigan...

The people being monitored are considered low risk with no noted direct personal contact with an infected person.

First Case of Ebola in The U.S.

First case of Ebola in the United States.  Patient hospitalized in Texas.

New Federal Constraints for Hydrocodone

Products containing hydrocodone, an opioid found in drugs like Vicodin, will now be restricted as a Schedule II controlled substance

Measles outbreak in Ohio...

cases of measles have doubled in the past 10 days.  Adults over 21, make sure your measles titer is high enough to provide immunity.  A booster may be needed.

Funny but Powerful Point....

This video is from the National Nurses United, funny but thought provoking and powerful!

MERS virus update regarding Illinois man...

An Illinois man has contracted the virus from the Indiana man who had been traveling back to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia.  The Illinois man, while testing positive for MERS, is still asymptomatic and doing well.   I will continue to post as information comes in on MERS,  I intend to give people accurate information regarding this new virus, so panic and false information can be discarded.

Continuing to update on the MERS virus....

Hospital workers sent home and are being monitored.

Calling Dibs on that first toilet stall....

What's the dirtiest part of a public restroom?? 

Second case of MERS virus identified in the U.S.

I wanted to continue to post accurate information for you so panic does not ensue when listening to some of the news segments.  Please see the following article.

Belly Button Melanoma...

Belly Button Check: be sure to check your belly button, a place where melanoma can grow undetected. Any white flaking, discoloration or drainage should be assessed by your dermatologist. This dermatologist found melanoma growing in her own belly button.  Make sure to include the belly button area when applying sunscreen.
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