Nurse Concierge LLC - Coordinating Your Medical Care
For Businesses

Time off work is a double cost for business:  productivity is lost, and sick time is paid.  Minimizing sick time adds revenue, and reduces overhead costs. 

Nurse Concierge helps businesses minimize sick time through triage consulting, patient teaching and proactive education:

  • Nurse Concierge provides phone triage for employees and their families 24/7 (because no one ever gets sick during business hours!).  These phone triage sessions can answer questions such as:  should I go to the doctor or emergency room?  How should I handle this less serious condition so I prevent it from getting worse?  What should I tell the doctor when I go?  Triage consulting prevents sick days and minimizes health care costs.

  • Nurse Concierge provides patient teaching to translate physician's orders, such as when/how to take medications, or how to follow the steps needed for improved health.  Patient teaching facilitates quicker recovery and avoids relapses.

  • Nurse Concierge provides proactive education on topics that impact employee wellness, such as patient care changes in the Affordable Care Act roll out, preventative measures to maintain optimal health, holistic remedies and options, and instructions in how to best manage your care in the current system.  Formats can include work place evaluations, weekly email communications, or monthly wellness seminars. Education reduces health care costs and empowers employees to manage their care in the current health care system.

Most importantly, Nurse Concierge represents the best interest of your employees - not the hospitals, and not insurance firms.  Nurse Concierge bridges the gap between patient and physician, helping employees make educated decisions about their care, and following the steps needed for improved health.

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