Nurse Concierge LLC - Coordinating Your Medical Care
About Nurse Concierge
As sole proprietor of Nurse Concierge, I can assure patients and their families that my patients will experience a personal, intimate, thorough, and competent approach to managing their health care needs.
As a Registered Nurse, I became increasingly frustrated with our ever changing health care system which became more and more focused on the business of health care rather than on the patient center model of health care.  With all of the new Medicare changes, the industry has had to adapt by including more patients in shorter appointment times with heavier monitoring of resources used.  It is very difficult for health care providers to be thorough and complete with their care and even more difficult to find the time and resources to communicate treatment plans and options. 
I decided to start a sole ownership business in which I could accompany patients to their visits, compiling and organizing information for the patient, which I could spend time teaching and translating for them following the appointment.  It allowed me the opportunity to be able to compile that information, track it for the patient and better inform the patient on their progress.  It also allowed me to communicate with physicians, asking them what would be needed at the time of the patient appointment to allow the physician to spend less time on the "book work" and more quality time with the patient.  The patient has a quality appointment time, the physician can spend more time doing what they went into medicine to do-address patient problems, and the family has a qualified advocate to ask the appropriate questions and relay accurate information back to them.
While I cannot return the health care system to the patient centered system it use to be, I can give patients under my care the opportunity to have the best care possible under our current system.
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